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This is more of a rant than anything, but it's a topic of discussion.

Nothing is worse in the fighting game community than being told you don't deserve to play a fighting game because you're a "casual scrub" and every time someone says "casual gamers will ruin fighting games", I want to smash their teeth in. The reason? People are already saying that Tekken 7's fighting engine is going to be bad. Why? Because it looks "too easy" to some of these people. Too easy? TOO EASY?!! Okay... Let me get something straight, you bastards.

You think a game is going to be bad because it is going to be "Too Easy"? What the fuck gives you the idea that Tekken is going to be EASY in the first place? Tekken has always been about precision and timing, so what makes you think it's going to change now? Oh, all because there are going to be juggles in the game? Really? Juggles? Seriously? We're going to hate on a Tekken game just because it has juggles? Haven't those been in Tekken since Tekken 3? Why is it all of a sudden a huge problem, and a deal breaker for some of these retards? Why are juggles such a bad fucking mechanic in the first place, since they've been there since Tekken 3? Also, I am currently arguing with a tourney vet on this, but what's wrong with a game easing up its mechanics to be a LITTLE more accessible to those who want to play Tekken, but couldn't because it was too hard?

I have talked to people on this, and the two biggest reasons I get for why they don't play Tekken are:

1) It's too hard.
2) The community in Tekken is made up of a bunch of assholes who complain every time a fighting game has a bigger audience all because it's easier to play (Tekken Tag 2 is a primary example of pick-up-and-play, but with plenty of challenge, and a lot to master, just so we're clear).

Coincidence? I think NOT! I do not see what is so wrong about opening up a game franchise to a bigger audience. Yet, all these hardcore veterans think it's wrong for a fighting game to be easier to play. God forbid a fighting game have a bigger audience because, and no, I'm not shitting you on this, "Casuals WILL ruin the game, because either you'll lose to a complete amateur or you'll win so much, it won't be fun anymore". Are you ready for my response? You ready? YOU READY?! BULLSHIT! The very notion of this statement existing is bullshit in and of itself. If you're losing to a complete amateur, how can you tell? You're the one obviously making the mistakes, and unless they're spamming the same move over and over and over again, you've got NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN! You lost. Plain and simple. You lost because if that so-called amateur won, YOU'RE the one making the mistakes you shouldn't be fucking making in the fucking first place. YOU'RE the one messing up, so why complain? You lost fair and square, provided the other player didn't spam, or had some semblance of skill.

Also, if you're winning all the time, then it's because you're not setting your rank parameters high enough. Fight higher ranks, and I guarantee you'll start losing.

FINALLY, fighting games should not be about casuals versus the hardcore vets. They should be about FUN, and sharing your experiences with others and just plain having a damn fun time! This war of casuals versus the hardcore players needs to stop, and it's only damaging the fighting game community. This attitude of "casual scrubs" not being allowed to play fighting games because of some unwritten rule is bullshit, and is keeping those who show interest in fighting from actually playing them. This is why I hate this attitude. It's an intimidation tactic and shows nothing more than "It's MY game and YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY". If you're going to be like that, YOU'RE the one who shouldn't be playing. You're no better than a two-year-old who doesn't want to share his toys because they're his, and he's the only one allowed to play with them. That kind of attitude shows how immature you are and hurts the fighting game community.

So, to those who hate certain fighting games because "casuals are ruining your fun"... Fuck you. If anything, YOU'RE the ones who shouldn't be playing.

TL;DR: People who complain about accessibility need to stop playing fighting games because their attitude is more equivalent to a selfish toddler who won't share his toys. Their reasoning is bullshit, as well.