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You're All FUCKING Awesome

2013-08-14 21:33:05 by SinCOMIXXX


When it comes to criticism, I watched a few videos by ForeverPandering about Andrew Dobson (a.k.a. Tom Preston), and man... I do NOT want to be like him. Nuh-uh. If anyone has any valuable information, I will sit patiently and listen/read what you have to say. Please, do NOT hesitate to critique my work. I would love to have your very valuable opinions and advice on my artwork.

Thanks, Newgrounds. You really are FUCKING Awesome.

Best regards,



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2013-08-14 22:06:08

No no, you are. ;)
I agree with you though.


2013-08-19 03:50:03

Start from the oldest post.
Study. Now.

SinCOMIXXX responds: