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COMISSIONS! (Newgrounds and DA ONLY)

2013-08-31 11:26:10 by SinCOMIXXX

Hello, Newgrounds!

SinCOMIXXX, here with a special offer!

For just $5.00, you can request a picture of one of your OCs with either Elryia, or Arachne! The character you want portrayed with them, pose and situation are all up to you! I am opening up ten slots for September for $5.00 each! Once I get my debit card and upgrade to Premium, you can buy the Print versions for $9.99!


1. Gender does not matter. Male or female OCs requested with mine are all welcome!
2. You must have given your OC a personality, and you must give me a reference for what said OCs look like!
3. Any situation is acceptable, be it sex, being sexy, or any other scenario!
4. You MUST pay $5.00 AFTER I accept your request!
5. I will save up to ten slots, but only one per Newgrounds member!
6. Requests must be sent as a PRIVATE MESSAGE!

So, with this offer, who could possibly refuse?! Snap your slot up before all ten slots are filled! Each slot will get its own journal entry with the request, the user who made the request and the price of said request!

Snap your slot today!


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2013-09-20 19:13:35

You're a bot of a single pringle aren't you?

SinCOMIXXX responds: