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2013-09-24 10:55:23 by SinCOMIXXX

Here's an idea that I have had in mind for a while now.

It's called VANGUARD. A quick summary, and an offer for the lucky animator who will receive the script in due time follows.

The story goes that modern day pirates operate everywhere. Whether it be the East China Sea, the seas of Somalia, the shores of Venezuela, or even the Carribean. Enter the Vanguard, a small crew of pirates dedicated to killing any unlucky mother fuckers who happen to cross their path. The hot-headed, duel blade wielding Madelyn, the sniper and optimistic markswoman Rosa, and the fiery duel-pistol totin' badass Delila all have their stories to tell in this epic that deals with drugs, weapon trafficking, piracy, mafia lords, etc. And no, they're not the heroes. They're the people who are hired help to aid said drug trafficking, weapons deals, and multiple crime syndicates around the world.

Now for the offer. I will be working on concept art for the characters, some of the vehicles and weapons featured, and with a payment of $100 per 10 minute episode, together, we can create a great animation that will push the boundaries of decency. Violence, sex, drugs, and a dark storyline that will keep audiences hooked, how can you refuse? After all, this is a pretty badass idea if I say so myself. Hit me up with any offer after several weeks, because by that time, I will have at least 25% of the concept art done, which should be adequate for the first two episodes. With that, I bid you adieu for now.



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2013-09-24 11:13:19

It does sound awesome, but I lack funds to finance. Good luck though! Modern day piracy is something I'd like to see more in real movies too, it's been a while since anything pirate-related ame out (excluding PoTC).

(Updated ) SinCOMIXXX responds:

No, no, no...You misunderstand. I WILL BE DOING THE FUNDING. I have a part-time job, which somehow has me working up to 40 hours a week. Each episode will take about one to two months to make, so $100, hell even $300 with consistent updates to inform me on your progress as well as PROOF you're working on it, is beyond reasonable. Hell, with each episode taking up to two months, I'd go as high as $400. Again, this is ME that's going to fund the project, with payment being the incentive for making the series a reality.


2013-09-24 11:24:03

Aha, might want to add that to the post title and I'm sure a lot of people with jump aboard. :) Good luck! I still can't animate for schnitzels, but it's a great idea.


2013-09-27 08:52:58

This is an amazing idea and storyline that has great potentiality.

This sounds like fun to make and could have a lot going for it.

If I had more confidence in animation skill I would team up and try something like this (probably something more simple and easier though). I am a long long long shot away for now.

SinCOMIXXX responds:

Thank you. By any chance do you know of anyone willing to collaborate?


2013-09-27 11:45:19

the ones im networked with right now are artists without animation software backgrounds and the one that is makes so much money i can't talk to him anymore as I'm out of the loop and don't have contact information.