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Still Open for Negotiations and Such

2013-10-02 14:15:50 by SinCOMIXXX

Okay. No one showed any interest in the forums. And you know what? I don't have any money right now. Er...Well... Enough to pay a full salary anyway. I mean, as if this damn thing was going to make money. I only want to collaborate to make an animation for fun, and to get something on everyone's resumes. All I want is to collaborate with people to help make a cartoon. A dark cartoon, yeah, but a cartoon nonetheless. It WILL be a fun project, I can promise you that! Even if none of us are making any money, some of you who are struggling to find an animation job out there, you will be properly credited, and I will give you enough material as a reference to guarantee you get hired!

And besides. I think this project has more than enough merit to get the green light, but I need help. I need some volunteers who are willing to help a guy out who wants to make something. Not an expensive something, nor a something that will make a profit. Just a something that will see the light of day and that will give all of us a sense of achievement. Yes, I wish I could just pay you, and I clearly didn't go about offering with a steady enough pay from my own job to pay you guys, and I don't even know how to start a kickstarter. But, I do know how to collaborate. I am currently working on the Episode 1 script for Vanguard, and I am working on character designs, weapon designs, the story-line, and when push comes to shove, I will even take charge of coordinating auditions.

So, please. It may be volunteer work, but at least it will be fun. I am going to be working just as hard as the rest of you, and when I get the ball rolling with promotional artwork, and get done with all of my character sketches, and I do mean ALL of them, this project will have stirred enough interest to get the green-light. However, I need you guys to do it. So, it's time to put your selfishness aside and to just help a guy out. That would be pretty fucking awesome!


Tony G.

Still Open for Negotiations and Such


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2013-10-02 14:44:30

Hmm, 'time to put your selfishness aside and to just help a guy out'? I can think of better words to hype the masses, like... everything up until that point. :P Well if you could use my assistance somehow I'd be happy to help, with anything BUT animation, just let me know.

SinCOMIXXX responds:

Um... Can you do voice acting? I figure after I create all of my character sketches, I should start looking for voice actors as I am working on the digital paintings of each character.


2013-10-02 15:41:00

Maybe. :) If you'd like samples, just provide some lines/character info or sketch and I'll give it my best. I don't have access to a professional mic at home right now, but for the final product there is a not too remotely located studio I could use (a friend owns it so it won't cost anything).

SinCOMIXXX responds:

Okay. I will send you some lines via PM.


2014-06-25 03:17:21

Are you still looking for an animator? I am brand new at this, but your series does interest me.